Associate Professor Svend Søndergaard
Copenhagen University
Carsten Niebhur Institute
Hørshol. 2. November 2007

Dr. Rahab Saleh has through many years gathered a vast amount of information about Denmark , her new country. It has been her dreams to present this information in her Arabic mother tongue, a dream which has now become true. Till now information about Denmark in Arabic has only been found in small pamphlets, so this is a real pioneer work.

Rahab Saleh’s book deals with all aspects of Danish geography, history, society, politics, religion and culture. The presentation of the material is carefully documented through referenc to relevant and reliable sources. A selection of photographs, many of them taken by the author, help to illustrate the information.

A special feature of the book are the many personal observations which the auther uses to enliven the text. Often she mention her contacts with various Danish friends or persons whom she has met during her travel around the country. She relates conversation with many people and she is eager to comment on what she experiences. Important issues such as the cartoons crisis are dealt with through various quotations from politicians, journalists and scholars, so that the reader will meet different points of view which may enable him to form his own opinion. Rahab Saleh’s background as a teacher and educator is felt everywhere.

No doubt this book will be very helpful to an Arab readership, who wants to get a deeper knowledge and understanding of a Scandinavia country. It can be of use to teachers, journalists, politicians, tourists, businessmen etc. from the Arab world. In Denmark it can be especially useful in the ongoing endeavours to integrate Arabic speaking citizens into the Danish society.

Istitut for Tværkultuelle og Regionale Studier
- Sprog Religion og Samfund

Dr. Rahab Saleh has written a book in Arabic introducing to the general reader of the modern Arab world Danish culture and Danish history. It is very diligent book.

The book is in line with the general work of Dr. Rahab Saleh. I have known her for years, and while I was Director of the Carsten Niebuhr Institute ( 1994- 2000) Dr. Saleh was attached to the Institute as Assistant Professor for language teaching.

I can only pass my very best recommendations for Dr. Rahab Saleh.