Dr. Rahab Saleh's CV


1 . 1967 – 1968 Participated in course organised by UNRWA | UNESCO, in Beirut, Lebanon, where I graduated for a Diploma in Educational Qualification for Elementary School, and a Two year post–secondary–in-service course in teaching.

Professional training . general studies and a special study in Development Psychology.

2 . 1968 Obtained Diploma for teaching Elementary School from the Ministry of Education, Damascus, Syria.

3 . 1969 – 1972 Diploma through the Institute of Education ( UNRWA | UNISCO ) in Beirut, Lebanon, for Education in School Administration and Professional Supervision, for Elementary and Preparatory Levels.

4 . 1975 Graduated in Bachelor of Arts with special in History from the Damascus University in Syria.

5 . 1982 - 1983 Attended English classes at the British Council in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E..

6 . 1985 - 1988 Obtained Master Degree in Education and Teaching from the Sussex College of Technology, in England.

Completed my Thesis in "Education and Teaching: between Today and Yesterday and Educational Planing" and obtained my Doctorate (PH.D).

7 . 1989 – 1993 Studying Danish at the Studie Skole.

Employment and Experience

1 . 1964 – 1969
a. UNRWA Elementary School - Syria.
b. UNRWA Preparatory School - Syria.

2 . 1970 – 1977 Head Teacher and Supervisor for the UNRWA Schools in Syria.

3 . 1977 – 1981 Teaching at High School and College for Teachers in Libya.

4 . 1983 - 1987 Established my own business as a Boutique owner. Abu Dahabi, U.A.E..

5 . 1984 - 1988 Employed in my husband's business which included Offshore Trading, Cyprus.

6 . 1990 - 1991 Speaker for the Local Television Station for the Arabic Programme, Copenhagen. Denmark.

7 . 1993 – 1998 Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen, The Carsten Niebuhr Institute of Near Eastern Studies, Denmark.

8 . 1997 - 1998
a. Consultant for Arabic Language for Arabic Teachers at Danish Schools ( FOLKESCHOOL ) at Danmarks Lærer Højskole.
b. Conducted a 1-day Seminar for two – language teachers ( for both Danish and Arabic teachers ) who teach student with Arabic as their Mother tongue at Denmarks Lærer Højskole.
c. Lecturer at the Danish Refugee Helps Language School
( Dansk Flytninghjælps Sprogskole ) which involved a special
project Teaching Danish history , geography, culture in the Arabic Language to Arabic refugees.
d. Employed as a Substitute teacher for Arabic Language at
Danish Primary and Elementary School for Karlebo Council.

9. 1997 – 1998 Teaching Arabic Language and Culture at the European Education Centre, educated DANIDA representatives who would be working for UNDP in the Middle East.

10. 1998 Carried out a research and presented a paper at the First I nternational Conference on Learning and Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language And the pressure of the 21st century, at Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan.

11. 2001 Lecturer at The South of Danish University , the Middel East Studies I nstitute about the Arabic Media.

12 . 2001- 2007 Writer. Researcher, searched out all the facts.